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Inspirational Leadership

I work with organizations that want to develop inspirational leaders to be more effective in improving the lives and productivity of their people

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    Charles Williams

    I retired in 2005 after 32 years of service with the rank of Rear Admiral. I participated in exercises internationally serving on 3 ships. USS America was cited for humanitarian efforts in the evacuation of Americans out of war-torn Lebanon following an attack on American citizens. I participated in similar exercises in Asia and South America.

    In my naval career I held five Commanding Officer assignments with responsibility for planning and communicating mission priorities, developing talent and measuring performance.

    In 2020 I returned to serve when appointed by the President as an Assistant Secretary of the Navy, overseeing 100,000 people and real property in 96 global locations valued at $450 billion.

    I attended Army and Navy War Colleges, published articles on national security and appeared on TV/Radio broadcasts with CNN, PBS and CBS. I was a university business school adjunct professor. My MBA from St Louis University and executive programs at Harvard and University of Virginia have held me in good stead for analytical thinking, decision making and leadership development.

    As an independent director I serve on private equity and family company boards.

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    Public Speaking

    Drawing from riveting tales of the "war room to boardroom", dive into a transformative leadership journey enriched by anecdotes of legendary leaders and the adrenaline of sports champions. Dive deep, and elevate your leadership vision.

    Inspirational Leadership: Prioritize your people. Elevate your leadership by embracing both success & setbacks, celebrate winning and learning from losses.

    "It's all about taking care of your people"

    Naval Board Meeting

    Executive Leadership

    Charles has now taken his expertise to new heights, securing a prestigious position on the board of a leading private equity portfolio firm.

    As a Mission Readiness representative, Charles briefed congress on military issues.

    He was appointed by the Governor in 2022 to a defense industrial base commission for military support and community growth.

    Supply Chain / Real Estate

    With a remarkable history of managing supply chains for both US and foreign militaries, with an impressive annual sales volume of $5 billion, Charles brings unparalleled expertise to the table. Transitioning seamlessly into the private sector, he has made his mark in office and industrial investment real estate. Representing elite institutional clients, Charles has excelled in asset management and astutely evaluated lucrative real estate opportunities.

    A Gallery of My Work

    Memorial Day SpeechSpeech for new recuitsSubmarine
    Foreign Officer SpeechUS Senator Briefing
    Commissioning of USS St LouisCharles Williams NSA PresentationNavy League Veterans Speech
    USS America CV 66 1983Charles Williams Jr. SpeechAircraft CarrierMy Business Plan Book
    Maryland CollegeCamp DavidOman
    Bonhomme Richard Fire FighterCharles Williams PresentationHopper Hill

    Taking Leadership to the Next Level...

    Fancy a journey? How about one that begins on the roaring deck of an aircraft carrier, dives deep beneath the waves in a submarine and sails smoothly into the corridors of the Pentagon? A journey that has seen the seats of power, from a command position to the coveted role of an Assistant Navy Secretary, once graced by the likes of Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt.๐ŸŒŠโœˆ๏ธ

    But it's not all about salutes and military might. Our voyage will take a turn into the bustling world of business โ€“ from the challenges of entrepreneurship to Fortune 100 experience to the boardroom. We'll delve into tales of starting up, scaling up, sometimes stumbling, but always getting back up! ๐Ÿ’ผ๐Ÿ“ˆ

    Amidst these narratives, you'll hear anecdotes from world events, rub shoulders (figuratively!) with military and political titans, and maybe even score a touchdown with some sports metaphors. (Are you game?).

    The endgame? It's not just about my journey. It's about harnessing these diverse experiences to mold transformative leaders, like YOU. Leaders inspired to elevate their teams, amplify productivity and ultimately, better lives.๐ŸŒŸ

    Ready to embark on this odyssey of leadership lessons and stories that span continents, seas and boardroom teas?

    Letโ€™s set sail!

    CNN Breaking News

    Stories of Historic Leaders

    Throughout history, leaders have left indelible marks through their words and actions. Their wisdom, gleaned from experiences at the helm of pivotal moments, serves as a beacon for all aspiring to lead.

    I reflect on the insights from giants of leadership:

    Teddy Roosevelt, who once emphasized the importance of naval prowess, declared, "a good navy is the surest guaranty of peace." His perspective stemmed from a recognition that strength often deterred adversaries and ensured national security.

    Following the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor, Franklin Roosevelt offered a beacon of hope with his words: "No matter how dire the circumstance, lead with optimism. Take bold action. Give your people something to cheer for." It's noteworthy that both Roosevelts served as Assistant Navy Secretaries, deeply entrenched in the intricacies of naval strategies and national defense.

    General Colin Powell, a military leader and statesman, emphasized the value of leading from the front with his simple yet powerful advice: "When in command, take charge." His belief was that leadership is deeply intertwined with character, and that one's integrity is the backbone of effective leadership.

    Lastly, Jack Kennedy showcased visionary decision making with his ambitious challenge of "Putting a man on the moon." Kennedy's aspiration wasn't just about space exploration, but about pushing the boundaries of what humanity believed was possible.

    Each of these figures, in their unique way, exemplified leadership that transcended their eras and still resonates with us today.

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    What Leaders Say About Me...

    Our students benefited from Admiral Williams leadership presentation. Afterwards students lined up to speak with him, a strong indicator of a presentation well received. I personally took away lessons from his presentation. I highly endorse his ability to deliver a powerful presentation on "Leadership."

    Kevin Dickson, Ph.D. Professor

    Southeast Missouri State University

    His career in the military with strong experience in finance is extremely valuable. He possesses a blend of leadership and management to be a valuable asset.

    Chuck Drury

    CEO Drury Hotels

    I will say unequivocally this is a canโ€™t miss highly talented former Navy Admiral who can get the job done, knows how to lead and will make significant contributions

    Jim Carey

    Former Chairman

    Federal Maritime Commission

    Inspirational Leadership

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